YETAV is a real-time Vehicle Pooling app. It’s the only app, which provides a perfect algorithm to find a travel-buddy for the Car-pool, Bike-pool and also for Auto/ Taxi-pool.

Download the app from play store. Fill necessary basic information in few minutes and the app is ready for you. Enter “From” and “To” location. Select yourself as a Passenger/Vehicle Owner. You can pool with other passengers by selecting an auto or you can also connect with Vehicle Owners by selecting Bike/Car option.

Passengers can enter ‘From’ & ‘To’ location in the app and then they can select an ‘Auto’ option. The page will land you to connect with other passengers who wish to go in same direction by Auto/Taxi. The request can be sent/received through app. Once the group is formed then members can chat/call (optional) with each other. They can hire the Auto/Taxi.The system calculated charges can be given in cash to the person who travels till the end. This person then can pay off meter charges to Auto/Taxi driver in cash.

Passengers can enter ‘From’ & ‘To’ location in the app and then can select ‘Bike’ or ‘Car’ option. The page will land you to connect with other vehicle owners who wish to go in same direction. The request can be sent/received through app. Once the group is formed then members can chat/call (optional) with each other. The system calculated charges must be given to vehicle owners via ‘YETAV Wallet’. Passengers must have at least journey charges or minimum of Rs 100 (whichever is higher) in the wallet to initiate the journey. The amount can be refilled in the wallet from any Debit/Credit Card and other transaction modes.

Yes, private vehicle owners can register the vehicle number in the app. Then only one can offer the vacant seats via app. It’s easier to request the passengers and also to get the request. After completion of journey the amount gets transferred to owner’s ‘YETAV Wallet’. Later,this amount can be redeemed on request.

It’s absolutely not mandatory to give your guardians number. But YETAV gives this additional security to passengers if one wishes so. If you are in trouble then SOS button can be clicked and a message with location will be sent to the guardians. Further your trip can also be shared with your guardians and they can see your real time location.Finally, it’s an optional security.

By forming a group one can see the co-passengers. Group chat facility is available for communication.

Honestly, the movement you step out for travelling. Any day/night 24 x7 anytime. While going to office/colleges etc.For long city travels. Heading towards native place, Picnics,outings, movies etc.

Looking at the increased number of vehicles on the road and pollution factor, it’s actually our social responsibility. It Reduces pollution, traffic and parking issues. It also saves money,fuel, tolls and parking charges.It also facilitates social networking, businessfriends etc.

As mentioned earlier YETAV gives absolutely top priority for the safety of passengers. This optional click is visible to female passengers only. By selecting this option, female passengers and owners can see and also can be seen by other females only. This gives a robust security to females.

A green tick will appear under the photo of the person who has verified the organization email id with us. One can click on photo to get more details about organization and hobbies as well.

Any passenger/owner who hasn’t verified his organisation email id will not have a green tick added to their profile. Many professionals and consultants like CAs, Architects & doctors etc. do not have verified organization email id. You can click on the photo of the person to know the occupation of the person. Further, It is still possible that you know the user personally and may choose to travel with them based on his good reviews and ratings. We suggest you verify the user (who doesn’t have an organisation name) properly before you travel with them.

In YETAV, Safety starts from identifying mobile numbers which are linked with Aadhar. Optional verification can also be done via organisation email id. Only Female Buddy option makes the journey safe for female passengers. Further, ‘Share your journey’ and ‘SOS’ makes you absolutely safe while travelling with co-passengers and vehicle owners. Ratings given by other passengers can also be considered.The safety ofYETAV members is our top priority and we have made our application very secured for pooling.

The perfect algorithm set in the app helps passengers to match the route. You can also connect with the passengers who can drop you or other way round. Sharing this green movement is everybody’s responsibility. Hence you all can refer the app to your friends and relatives.

Yes, you can schedule your trip in advance.

Please chat or call with the owner. We also encourage co-buddies to respect each other in case of delays and inform each other. Delays may be possible in case of heavy traffic. In future, when most of us start using YETAV; then traffic situation will be settled and surely we all will get benefited. Though we highly recommend you to exit your group if trip is delayed beyond your controllable time.

If you are in group then you can leave the group first then exit. If you are not in group then you can directly exit. The app has leave/exit option.

You can share the link by Whatsapp, SMS, Email, Facebook etc


Auto/Taxi pooling - Passengers can directly pay app calculated charges by cash to the person travelling till the end. App calculated charges may differ than the actual charges(based on traffic situations) to be paid by the last passenger. Last passenger will have to pay the exact metered Auto/Taxi charges.YETAVcreates a platform for meeting people to travel together but does not charge anything for Auto/Taxi pooling.

Private Vehicle Pooling- If the passenger is travelling on bike with bike owner or in car with car owner then he/she will pay app calculated charges to the vehicle owner. Passengers must have at least YETAV app calculated charges or minimum of Rs.100 (whichever is higher) in the wallet to initiate the journey before requesting to the owner.Once you request,the journey charges are blocked from your YETAV wallet and will be paid to the vehicle owner after the journey is completed.YETAV charges you negligible commission for this assistance.

YETAV wallet is used in case of paying to private vehicle owners like bike and car. The amount gets blocked when you request to the owner and transferred once the journey is over. You can refill your wallet with Debit/credit card, Net Banking orby using other Third Party Wallets like BHIM, Paytm, Google Pay etc.

Recharging is not necessary for receiving the amount from passengers.

Vehicle Owners can redeem the amount over and above Rs.300/- just by submitting Bank Account details. The finance team will redeem the amount positively within 10 working days.