Let's Share our Ride

Yetav is a real time ride sharing app. It’s the only app, which provides a perfect algorithm to find a travel-buddy for auto pool, car pool and bike pool.

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Yetav Benefit

  • Go "Green"

    We all have responsibility to keep the earth green. Yetav extends the hand for this noble mission.

  • Save "Money"

    Sharing is always good and it's more when it saves money

  • Sharing is Caring

    Sharing has the power of caring

  • Sharing always benefit

    Happiness lies in giving


Purnima Gawade

Carpooling is very safe by Yetav app. 'Only Female Buddy' option is a great initiative of this app to promote women safety. Ride sharing is cost effective & time saving.

Arun Singh

I must appreciate the team of Yetav for this great initiative to reduce the pollution and to reduce the traffic. I stopped travelling by Cabs nowadays as using Yetav has reduced my travelling expenses.

Mahesh Chavan

Carpooling is cheaper than bus fare by Yetav. I found new friends with same interest( hobbies )and had fun during the ride. Thanks to Yetav.

Mayuresh Gawade

It’s very convenient to commute to office. It reduces the boredom of riding alone. This app will help reduce carbon footprint if used effectively.

Roshan Angre

Bike pooling and Auto Pooling are helping us to connect with Bike Owners and Auto Owners to share the ride with any of the person who is travelling at the same route.

Sarita Mestry

I like the 'Only Female Buddy' option and 'SOS Button' for emergency. Its really safe for females to travel. Great initiative by Yetav

Mangesh Yadav

Yetav is very easy to use app. Pretty easy to post / find rides. The 'verified' profiles on the App provides an added security. Easy tracking of co-buddies from his start location makes it convenient for buddies to decide whether to wait or not.

Rahul Jankar

I stopped travelling by my own car as it is very easy and cost effective to travel with Yetav App.

Surekha Walke

I think this is a perfect app for women safety. I am new in thane & generally travel by auto.. most of the times alone in auto as a passenger. I have started using yetav and now I travel with other female passengers, and this helps me to share the cost as well

Sameer Padwal

I regularly travel on bike from bhandup to Powai for work. Thanks to the yetav creators for making this real time app..where I can give lift and share my petrol cost…

Vinod Mestry

Driving in Mumbai is real pain… traffic is xxxxx,,, other car pooling apps are not really realtime… I have travelled by yetav… it really works…

Swanand Parab

Today in our college yetav people had come… concept is very good… the app provides algo where I can see students of my college and then can take or give lift for some minimal amount… I am eager to catch my friend in yetav tomorrow